Needle Localization

What is a Needle Localization and what does it do?

Needle Localization is a pre-operative procedure used to establish the location of a lesion that is to be removed by a Surgeon while the patient is under anesthesia. A wire marker is left in place in the breast by the Radiologist.

Who performs the test?

The examination is performed by a licensed Radiologic Technologist and a Radiologist.

Where does it take place?

(OP Center) Hudnall Building Room 110, located adjacent to the Hospital

How long does it take?

Average person 30 minutes to 1 hour

What to do before your exam?

The Needle Localizations/Biopsy will be scheduled through Outpatient Surgery and your Surgeon. They will advise you of pre-op instructions. Loose clothing recommended.

What happens during your exam?

The technologist takes X-rays of your breast to help localize the abnormality during surgery.
The Radiologist will administer a local anesthetic to numb the site before he inserts a needle fitted with a wire and marker in the area located.

A further X-ray is then taken to check the position of the marker.

The Radiologist withdraws the needle, leaving the marker at the end of the wire which is protected by a dressing. The marker remains in place until the surgeon intervenes.

What to do after your exam?

Reduce activity and follow post-op instructions from Outpatient Surgery and your Surgeon.

Contact Information:

Hospital (main operator): (850) 526-2200
Mammography Department at OP Center: (850) 718-2585 or (850) 718-2595
Fax (OP Center): (850) 718-2573
Radiology Department (at hospital): (850) 718-2580