Patient Handbook

This information is given to you because both the hospital and you as a patient have Rights and Responsibilities. Please read this information.

Rights and Responsibilities of Patients

The basic rights of people for freedom of expression, decision and action, and concern for personal dignity and human relationships are always very important. During sickness, however, knowing or not knowing rights becomes vital in deciding survival and recovery. Because of this, it is a major responsibility of the hospital to try to assure that these rights are preserved for the patient. In giving care to patients, hospitals have a right to expect behavior that is reasonable and responsible from the patients and their families and friends. This statement is not meant to be all-inclusive. It is meant to explain the concerns of the Joint Commission, Jackson Hospital, and the State of Florida about the relationships between hospitals and patients and to stress the need for the Rights and Responsibilities of the patient to be observed. The following rights and responsibilities apply to all patients and hospitals.

The Patient Handbook addresses the following topics.

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