Labor and Delivery

At Jackson Hospital, we take the health of our community’s families – and babies – very personally. Our commitment to each mother and baby begins months before birth with our emphasis on prenatal care and childbirth education.

For first-time parents and those adding to their families, Jackson Hospital provides an intimate, private room setting.

We feature 4 birthing rooms, 1 antepartal testing room, C-section room located on the Maternal/Child floor, and 9 private post-partum rooms.

During labor and delivery, we utilize computer charting and surveillance that allows your nurse to observe and monitor your labor from outside your room.

Our Maternal/Child nursing staff are the best and brightest! They hold certification in Neonatal Resuscitation and our labor nurses hold certifications in External Fetal Monitoring.

After baby’s arrival, we provide a modified rooming-in option for you. This means parents may have their newborn stay in the room with them or baby can be returned to the nursery for mother and father to rest before going home.

Jackson Hospital has 4 physicians on staff who provide Obstetrical care: Dr. Leisa Bailey, Dr. Ricky Leff, and Dr. Orlando Muniz.

While we deliver over 600 babies each year, your baby is a very special delivery at Jackson Hospital.

We deliver over 600 new family members every year.

Our love is in each one.

“Our commitment to the health of mother and baby starts months before birth.”