Jackson Hospital Takes Careful Measures to Prevent Patient Falls


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Jackson Hospital Takes Careful Measures to Prevent Patient Falls


Jackson Hospital’s Fall Prevention Program’s number one goal is patient safety.  Jackson Hospital Risk Management Director, Ronni Bowen says, “Any patient in the hospital is more at risk of falling because they are out of their own environment.  Some patients are given medication that can make walking more challenging.  Our prevention program is intended to carefully observe fall-risk patients.  Jackson Hospital has a fall rate of 4 per 1000 patient days, which is 22% better than the national mid-range provided by the Center of Medicaid and Medicare Services.  Furthermore, none of our falls resulted in major injury.”


According to the National Council on Aging, “More than 21,000 older Americans died from injuries related to unintentional falls and the total cost of fall injuries for older Americans was estimated to be $30 billion.  It is predicted by 2020, the cost of fall injuries is expected to reach $59.6 billion including a Medicare cost of over $32 billion.”


Jackson Hospital physicians and employees try to prevent as many patient falls as possible.  Jackson Hospital Risk Management Director, Ronni Bowen states, “Patients are screened by nurses at Jackson Hospital upon admission. 


If a patient at the Hospital is considered a fall risk patient, special measures are taken.  The patient is given non-skid socks, a fall risk arm band is put on the patient’s wrist, and a sign is placed on the door of the patient’s room to alert staff and visitors that the patient is a fall risk.  Additionally, nurses round more frequently and the nurse call light and patient items are arranged to be in reach of the patient.  Bowen attests, “Through these careful measures Jackson Hospital employees are achieving the Hospital’s mission of providing exceptional healthcare to every patient every day.”


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