Jackson Hospital recognizes Medical Staff for Doctors Day


Jackson Hospital recognizes its talented and skilled medical staff for National Doctors’ Day on Friday, April 4.  Jackson Hospital currently has 31 physicians on active medical staff and over 65 on consulting staff.  CEO Larry Meese stated, “Jackson County is fortunate to have as talented and diverse a medical staff as it does in a rural community.  The doctors on staff are as qualified and skilled as any of the surrounding larger facilities.” 

Meese further stated, “Jackson Hospital’s active medical staff live and work in the community.  The doctors at Jackson Hospital and our outstanding team work together to ensure each and every patient entrusted in their care receive prompt, appropriate, and professional medical care.  Our medical staff fulfills the mission of Jackson Hospital, ‘Providing exceptional care to every patient every day.’”  

Doctor’s Day was designated by the US Senate and the House of Representatives in 1990 and Jackson Hospital is proud to participate in the event every year. 

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