Jackson Hospital joins the United States Breast Feeding Committee to recognize August as Breast Feeding Awareness Month


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Jackson Hospital joins the United States Breast Feeding Committee to recognize August as
Breast Feeding Awareness Month

August 1, 2017, Marianna, FL - Jackson Hospital joins the United States Breast Feeding Committee (USBC) in recognizing August as National Breastfeeding month.  This year’s theme is “Charting the Course Together.” 

The Hospital’s Maternal/Child nursing floor cares for about 500 new babies each year and innovates with mommy- and baby-focused initiatives.  One is the UNICEF Baby-Friendly initiative.  Jackson Hospital is in its final phase completing the rigorous requirements for the certification.  The initiative’s total focus is on safe-feeding.

Keeping with this year’s UCBS theme of ‘charting the course together’ Jackson Hospital OB nurses are providing each new mommy with a special band - viewed from either wrist - containing quick and easy tips on breastfeeding.  “This bracelet is a great reminder to mommies to ‘…reinforce the connections between breastfeeding and a broad spectrum of other health topics and initiatives’ as indicated in the literature and on the USBC’s website,” says Mrs. Sellers.  The USBC’s overarching goal is to “lift up the cross-cutting, collective impact of breastfeeding as a high priority public health issue….to ‘chart the course together’ to ensure breastfeeding is incorporated into all relevant areas of the public health agenda, according to their website.

Jackson Hospital’s maternity nursing staff has been at the forefront of charting new courses by enrolling all OB nurses in 20 hours of breastfeeding training and rotating 4 lactation-certified nurses in its staff scheduling, offering free childbirth education classes, and promoting ‘rooming-in.’ 

Lactation-certified nurses on staff provide expertise to new mommies on breastfeeding, answer questions about breastfeeding during the post-partum stay, and provide high-quality clinical nursing support.  They and the staff encourage skin to skin contact for mommy and baby bonding and to facilitate breastfeeding after baby’s birth.

Jackson Hospital’s maternity floor delivery rooms and Cesarean OR suite was recently refreshed with a very generous $150,000 donation by the Jackson Hospital Foundation.  The hospital features rooming-in so baby stays with mommy from birth until discharge. 

The newest service on Jackson Hospital’s OB floor is the arrival of the “Pink Ladies.”  The Ladies Auxiliary aka “Pink Ladies” have always been at the Hospital’s front reception.  Now, they help support the overall mission and commitment to the Baby-Friendly initiative as they happily receive family and friends of expectant and delivered parents to the Hospital’s 4th Floor.

Jackson Hospital has three OB physicians on staff who care for expectant and new mommies and 4 pediatricians who begin care of the baby from birth forward.  The two board certified OB/GYN specialists are Dr. Ricky Leff and Dr. Orlando Muniz who practice together in the Hudnall Building on the hospital’s campus.  Dr. Leisa Bailey is a board certified family practice physician in Bonifay who offers non-surgical OB services and is also on staff at Jackson Hospital.  The four board-certified Pediatricians are Dr. Doyle Bosse, Dr. Melissa Caraballo, Dr. George Sanchez and Dr. Tom Sherrel.

If you are pregnant or planning to become a mommy for the first time or again, Jackson Hospital offers full-service OB/GYN care and would be proud to be part of your family.  Jackson Hospital provides Free Childbirth education classes taught by its Labor and Delivery nurses – the same ones you’ll see when you delivery baby!  The class has a rolling start every Tuesday at 5:30pm CT, Board Room, ground floor of the Hospital, 4250 Hospital Drive, Marianna, FL.  Contact Mrs. Sellers at (850) 718-2660 to register.

Jackson Hospital is one of only two statutory rural hospitals in Florida that continues to offer obstetric (OB) services.  Director of Maternal/Child Services, Mrs. Melanie Sellers, RN, says “we are so proud to be the friendly, community hospital offering OB; each new baby brings a bright future for the greater Jackson County region.”

About Jackson Hospital

Jackson hospital is an award-winning facility and is proud of its most recent award, the FHA Award of Significance in Reducing Harm Across the Board from the Florida Hospital Association at its Quality and Patient Safety Summit in September 2016.  Jackson Hospital's recognition is due to its success meeting the Partnership for Patients' goals in at least 80% of the applicable topic areas, reducing patient harm and readmissions and making the FHA Hospital Engagement Network so successful.  Statewide, the FHA estimates that hospitals in the HEN prevented 5,283 cases of harm, avoiding $28.7 million in health care costs. 

Before that award, designation as iVantage’s Top 100 Rural & Community Hospital.  The hospital, one of only 1,043 of more than 3,300 eligible, was recently recognized as part of The Joint Commission’s 2015 annual report “America’s Hospitals:  Improving Quality and Safety,” for attaining and sustaining excellence in accountability measure performance for Heart Failure, Pneumonia, Surgical Care, Immunization, and Perinatal Care.  The March of Dimes and American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recognize Jackson Hospital as the first hospital in Florida’s panhandle for achieving an early elective delivery rate less than 5%.  The hospital was also recently designated by Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association as a Blue Distinctive Center+ for Maternity Care designation, a new designation under the Blue Distinction Specialty Care Program.

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