Jackson Hospital achieves benchmark of one year without a Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia Event


Jackson Hospital announces that its intensive care team has gone one year without a Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia/Event (VAP).  VAP is a lung infection that can develop in a person who is on a ventilator.  Mechanical ventilation is an essential, life-saving therapy for patients with critical illness and respiratory failure.  

Studies have estimated that more than 300,000 patients receive mechanical ventilation in the United States each year.  These patients are at high risk for complications and poor outcomes.  VAP is one of several complications that can occur in patients receiving mechanical ventilation costing hospital’s $12,000 to $40,000 per case.  

Jackson Hospital’s Respiratory Director Scott Owens says, “By focusing on the quality of care the Hospital provides we are able to decrease VAP and prevent extended hospital stays.  Adhering to hand-hygiene guidelines, early intervention, and minimizing length of time on the ventilator are just some of the ways our staff and physicians work diligently together to ensure that our patients stay VAP free.”  

As hospitals across the country focus on reducing hospital acquired infections the numbers are trending down.  To be able maintain perfection for a year is something to be proud of.  Jackson Hospital’s Quality Director Nichole Ussery states, “Our mission of providing exceptional healthcare to every patient every day is evident with this accomplishment.  I am proud of the hard work our staff and physicians have put forth to reach this goal.”

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