Welcome to Jackson Hospital.

Jackson Hospital is a 100-bed community healthcare system committed to quality, service and growth.  The hospital is located in pristine Northwest Florida where the opportunity to make a difference still exists.  Our physical address is 4250 Hospital Drive, Marianna, FL, our phone number is (850) 526-2200.

The Hospital’s 425 care professionals complement the 30+ Active Medical staff who live and practice in Marianna.  Together, the physicians and staff combine clinical expertise with the latest medical and information technologies to provide exceptional care to every patient, every day.

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Dr. Angelo Consiglio performs the latest in high-tech Sinus Navigation surgery

On Wednesday Dr. Consiglio used state-of-the-art image-guided head and neck technology for his sinus navigation procedures. Dr. Consiglio says, “With one particularly advanced case, ​the patient’s eyes and brain were close to the area where I would be operating; therefore, image-guidance technology highlighted a route away from these vital areas.” Read More »

Dawn Prietz, RN, is Jackson Hospital’s Employee of the Year 2016

Nurse Prietz embodies the hospital’s customer service philosophy of giving extra when she offered her own cell phone minutes to a new mom to “Facetime” her infant’s baptism Read More »

Jackson Hospital announces interim CEO Mr. James Platt

Jackson Hospital announces the name of its interim CEO, Mr. James Platt. Mr. Platt takes the helm on Wednesday, February 15th. Read More »

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